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The stack templates command

stack templates

stack templates provides information to the standard output stream about project templates used with the stack new command.

Project templates are specified in .hsfiles files. The format of those files is documented at the commercialhaskell/stack-templates repository on GitHub.

Any GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository named stack-templates can provide project template files. For example, a template file username/stack-templates/my-template.hsfiles on GitHub can be identified as username/my-template when using stack new. The relevant service can be specified by a prefix: github: for GitHub (the default service), gitlab: for GitLab, or bitbucket: for Bitbucket.

commercialhaskell/stack-templates on GitHub is the default repository for project templates. Its username (commercialhaskell) does not need to be specified when using stack new.

The project template that stack new uses by default is named new-template and provided at the default repository.

The default repository provides 24 other project templates. Its Wiki provides a description of some of those templates and information about the location of other templates.