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Self-hosted runners

GitHub Actions is used to do CI on Stack. The linux-arm64 job of the integration-tests.yml workflow runs on a self-hosted runner for Linux and ARM64.

The basic setup is:

  • FP Complete has an Oracle Cloud account that provides a free tier that includes a really powerful ARM64 machine;
  • within Oracle Cloud, FP Complete are running an Ubuntu/ARM64 instance; and
  • on that instance, FP Complete are running the GitHub Runner software.

Occasionally Oracle will turn off the machine because:

  • Oracle thinks it is not being used (because of the free tier); and/or
  • other things, like disk space filling up.

Managing the runner

With the appropriate authority installed on the server, the runner can be managed remotely using SSH, with command ssh

The available disk space can be queried with command df -h; the relevant entry is for filesystem /dev/sda1.

If the available space is low, that may be due to unncessary GHC versions installed in Stack's programs directory.