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The stack hoogle command

stack hoogle [-- ARGUMENT(S) (e.g. 'stack hoogle -- server --local')]
             [--[no-]setup] [--rebuild] [--server]

Hoogle is a Haskell API search engine. stack hoogle runs Hoogle. Stack needs Hoogle version 5 or greater.

Stack will use a Hoogle database (database.hoo) specific to the project's source map and the version of GHC, located in a subdirectory of subdirectory hoogle of Stack's work directory for the project.

By default:

  • if a hoogle executable is found on the PATH, Stack will try to use it. Otherwise, Stack will try to identify an executable as a build target. If the Hoogle database does not exist, Stack will generate it with hoogle generate --local. hoogle generate --local queries ghc-pkg and generates links for all packages which have documentation and Hoogle input files (*.txt) generated. Pass the flag --no-setup to skip such setup;

  • the existing Hoogle database is used. Pass the flag --rebuild to trigger the generation of a new Hoogle database (generated as above); and

  • hoogle is passed the specified arguments (if any). The arguments are usually the subject of the search. Pass the flag --server to first pass server --local --port 8080 before those arguments. hoogle server --local --port 8080 starts a local Hoogle web server, using port 8080, that allows the following of file:// links.