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The stack init command

stack init [DIR(S)] [--omit-packages] [--force] [--ignore-subdirs]

stack init initialises Stack's project-level YAML configuration file (stack.yaml) for an existing project, based on the Cabal file or package.yaml file for each of its packages.

By default:

  • Stack searches for Cabal and package.yaml files in the current directory. Specify one or more directories as arguments to cause Stack to search them;

  • Stack also searches for Cabal and package.yaml files in subdirectories. Pass the flag --ignore-subdirs to ignore subdirectories;

  • Stack will not overwrite an existing stack.yaml file. Pass the flag --force to allow overwriting; and

  • Stack will not initialise if there are conflicting or incompatable user packages. Pass the flag --omit-packages to cause Stack to ignore such matters while initialising.