Upgrading msys

When installing GHC on Windows, Stack will also install msys2 to provide a Unix shell and environment, necessary for such things as running configure scripts. This section explains the steps required to upgrade the msys2 version used by Stack.

  1. Download latest installers from msys2's website. These installers are executables, versioned by date (YYYYMMDD), and are separate for x86_64 and i686. You'll usually be upgrading both at the same time, which we'll assume here.

  2. Run the installer and install to the default location (c:\msys64 and c:\msys32, respectively).

  3. Create tarballs for each directory:

    $ cd /c/ $ tar cJf msys2-YYYYMMDD-x86_64.tar.xz msys64 $ tar cJf msys2-YYYYMMDD-i686.tar.xz msys32

  4. Create a new release named msys2-YYYYMMDD on the fpco/stackage-content repo, and upload these two files.

  5. Create a PR for the stack-setup-2.yaml file to switch over to using the newly uploaded files. You should test this file locally first.